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We Change LivesWelcome from the Owners

Since 2008 at Sweetdale and since 2016 at the Skills Center, the non-profit organisation rsw Development has championed improving the everyday lives of the poorest children, young people and orphans in South Africa.

We are proud to introduce the SWEETbike which is a division that deals with assembling and delivering quality bicycles to schools.

The programme aims to enhance matriculate results, the attendance performance of the students while their health is also improved. Furthermore the programme helps to develop and train upcoming entrepreneurs in building bicycle maintenance centers in their villages.

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What sets us apartWhy we're not just another Charity

Lean Administration


Donors of SWEETbike can transparently follow where donations are being invested. Our administration is exceptionally lean consuming only 1.5% of our revenue and is fully covered by private donors. So 100% of your donation is invested exclusively to our programs.

SWEETbike is guided by our revolutionary “for-purpose” approach, blending a profitable business with the heart of a humanitarian non-profit.Charitable return on investment gets closely monitored in our programs.

Swiss Engineered


The founders of rsw Development and their descendants grew up in Switzerland and have a proven track record of building and managing businesses from the ground up. We rely on Swiss core values like innovation, efficiency, reliability, integrity and perseverance. We live these values every day. Vocational training as a central concept of the Swiss education system is applied in our programs to provide access to high quality training and enable young people to eventually make a living from these skills.

Locally trusted


rsw Development NPC with its supporting programs for young people in KZN, South Africa, has gained tremendous trust within the local community.

Over the past 12 year local businesses, communities, schools as well as public departments and organizations in KZN have built great confidence in our work and proudly endorse our programs. Most of our lokal workers are integral members of these communities. This secures a strong connection and broad acceptance of our support.

Our PartnersTogether we are stronger

How We WorkDiscover our recipe for Success

Providing bicycles to schools

New Bike

In areas in which most people rely on walking, a bicycle makes a significant difference.

A bicycle can break through the vicious circle of poverty. Imagine the tap is not just a few steps away, instead you have to walk several kilometres to the well. High-quality 2nd hand bicycles imported from Switzerland increase children's mobility and facilitate their to education. Anyone with a bicycle can cover considerably greater distances - which leaves more time for learning.

Ride to school - get through life

New Bike

We focus on school-based cycling as means of transportation for students to school as we believe that “one bicycle one leaner” is a tool that can be used in the rural areas to achieve academic, health, and social success.

The program is designed to provide middle schools with everything they need to get their 7-12 grade students cycling to schools. Each learner will receive a bicycle, helmets, training maintenance and how to ride.

Vocational training and income

New Bike

SWEETbike imports not only bicycles but also knowledge.

Together with the local authorities, rsw Development constructs bicycle workshops, runs training courses and trains mechanics. Jobs and earning opportunities are created in the bicycle assembly, repairs and in distribution.

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How to Find Us

SWEETbike is within the 120 ha of Sweetdale Farm, 120km from Durban. From South Coast Toll Road: Turn off from the highway on the Margate/Uvongo/Seaslope Road off-ramp No 33. Turn right at top of off-ramp - go across the highway - follow the road past Margate Country Club; Sebenza Nursery to the T-junction. Follow the sign: Sweetdale Adventure Camp and The Packshed - Fusion Food Restaurant. At the T-junction, turn right. After +/- 600m turn left into the Entrance: You will see the big sign: Sweetdale
Please Note that the sales of bicycles to the general public is by appointment only.


SWEETbike - at Sweetdale
Old Izotsha Road, Farm 23
Margate, 4275
KZN / South Coast
phone: +27 73 143 8209
email: info@sweetbike.co.za

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